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Monday, April 25, 2011


How's that for a witty blog title?

I'm struggling.  I'm frustrated.  My restriction is worse than the up and downs on a roller coaster. One day I can barely eat anything (meaning everything either has a hard time going down or as soon as it goes down, it gets stuck), the next, my restriction feels pretty normal.  Things I was able to eat a week ago, I can no longer eat...Is this normal (it's been 4 weeks since my last fill)?  I have an appointment for a fill on Thursday.

So here are some things on my "off-limit" list:
  • bread (any kind unless toasted)
  • rice
  • leftover chicken or chicken that is not moist (by the way, moist is perhaps the worst word in the English language, don't you think?)
  • steak
  • skin on potatoes
  • asparagus
Also - I was wondering about peanut butter.  This is one of my go-to snacks.  Just a spoonful right out of the jar.  It goes down easy and really satisfies.  But I noticed in lap band forums that other bandsters report this as being a "stuck food".  Does anyone have trouble with peanut butter?

I am also struggling with bite sizes - I think for the most part, the reasons I get stuck are because my bites are too big.  Any tips for this?  I did pretty good at Easter dinner yesterday - cut my ham into tiny "toddler" size pieces and ate my salad one leaf/vegetable at a time.  Definitely need to focus and get better at this.

On the up side, I've dropped 2 pants sizes and 3 shirt sizes.  Still trying to only buy a few things here and there.  I got this really cute cardigan from Banana Republic the other day:

 Normally $54 - on clearance for $9.99!  I love a good bargain!


  1. Our list of foods is very similar! And, peanut butter is fine for me, I just eat it on a spoon too. I really have a tough time too on the bite sizes and chewing, but over time, I realize if I don't take the time, I pay for it in the end.

  2. I'm still so new that I don't have any restriction problems yet. My first fill is next Friday May 6 so I cannot do much other than lend support at this point.

  3. It sounds silly but what has helped me with bite sizes is using a smaller fork, like a dessert fork or even a tiny shrimp fork. Might want to give it a shot. And, btw, I have no problems with peanut butter.

  4. I have aproblem with most of those foods - rice I have no problem with - and I don't have a problem with peanut butter, I guess if you take things slow.

    Bite size can be a problem, I find to begin with, using a teaspoon works well. I even ordered a tiny fork and spoon from this company called Potion Control Concepts - they are so cute and made it easy to stick to small bites.

  5. restriction is a fickle beast I am afraid! I am also afraid that i might have some issues coming up after today! I go for a fill and it has been about 6 weeks! I know that my restriction changes with my hormones during the month. But sometimes it is just the type of foods I am eating!

    I never eat rice..I rarely eat breads..sometimes wraps or really thin peices.
    Left over meat of any sort is a big no no. Steak I can eat it I am careful and I love asparagus. I am glad that it is still okay for me.

    Taking small bites is the hardest thing for me and I have re learned to take big bites in the last couple of weeks!

    I wihsh you luck..and sorry it took me so long to catch up with ya. I've been mega busy!