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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ok, I admit it.  I am hungry.  And it's only been a little over a week since my fill - and 3 looooooooooong weeks until I get my next one.  I mean...I'm not starving, but my mini-meals aren't keeping me satisfied as long as they did last week.  But I am managing.  And still losing, which is the most important thing (to me).  I still can't eat much in one sitting, but, man, 2 hours later, I feel like I didn't eat anything!  And I am totally SUCKING at getting in all my water (which I can totally gulp!  no sips for me!).  I am lucky if I get in 32 ounces.  It's hard when you can't drink while you are eating!  That's when I am most thirsty!  Anyway - I guess that can be a new goal for me:  water consumption.

So today I volunteered at a Radiothon for Duke Children's Hospital.  They asked all the volunteers to put their names on paper for a raffle and they were going to draw several names an hour.  Most of the prizes consisted of Duke calendars, Duke candy jars, Duke socks -you get the point - Duke stuff.  Hours one and two go by with no prizes for Amanda.  The third hour strikes and the coordinator thought it would be great to raffle off these two items next:

And no, I am not kidding.  So, I turn to my friend and tell her I have never won a raffle in all my 35 years, but I guarantee my name will be pulled out of that bag next.  Sure enough! 

God is ALWAYS testing us, huh?

And, yes, I passed.


  1. I remember being hungry every couple hours. Annoying isn't it? I agree with you that drinking your water at those times is a good plan. It will fill you up a bit. Otherwise keep lots of good snack around!


  2. Hahaha!! That is toooo funny!!

  3. So glad you passed your test. From what I have heard recently it is ok to drink while eating. I heard that from a lap band dr in australia, but you can look that up if you want. Hope your hunger subsides a bit.

  4. I drink while I eat (but only if I'm SUPER thirsty), all it does it wash the food through a little more quickly. So you don't stay as full as long. :( So that's why they say not to.

    Btw, winning those really does not seem fair, does it! lol I would have failed.