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Saturday, January 15, 2011

5 Days Post-Op

So here we are: 5 days post op.  Here's what I can tell you:
  1. I've lost 15 pounds
  2. The gas pains are gone
  3. My incisions are less painful
  4. This liquid diet blows
For those of you reading this that are not banded, let me remind you that even though the band is in, I have ZERO restriction.  Meaning my stomach still feels about the same as yours.  And this is what I have been filling it with:
  • Morning - Protein Drink
  • Mid Morning - Protein Drink and water
  • Early Afternoon - Protein Drink and water
  • Late Afternoon - Sugar Free Popsicle (aka Nirvana)
  • Late Afternoon - Protein Drink
  • Early Evening - Broth - either chicken or beef and Crystal Light
  • Late Evening - Protein Drink
I have to do this at least one more week before I can move on to "mushies" or soft foods (things like eggs, mashed potatoes, jell-o).  Any and all prayers are welcome.  Thank you.

And in these same 5 days, this is what I have learned:
  1. I could never ever be a stay at home wife or mom
  2. I love my dog, but clearly I don't need to be with him 24/7
  3. There are an inordinate number of food programs on TV
  4. Ricky Martin is gay - thanks, Oprah
  5. This is the best thing I've ever done for MYSELF
Going back to work on Tuesday - Thank you Jesus.


  1. Liquid diets are very hard in my opinion! Yuck. But I was able to move on to mushy stuff sooner then you I think. You are doing great though.

  2. I agree with Amanda! I too was eating mushies a lot sooner.

    I wasn't supposed to eat them before at least a week (maybe 2), but because of the circumstances, I wasn't able to keep that diet. So I began eating mushies on day 2!! But I took it very slow, and cautious and had no problems!

    Don't worry, you won't have restriction for some time...meaning you will be in Bandster Hell for a while too!! We will be here for you though!!

    Glad to hear that your pain is under control and gas pains are gone!!