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Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday, Monday

Hey all!  Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I went to see my nutritionist last Thursday.  I got the approval to eat a bigger variety of food.  I can now eat deli ham, turkey or chicken, cheese, grilled chicken breast (as long as I chew it until it is the consistancy of applesauce).  Needless to say, I made a stop at the grocery store on the way home!

Friday I took a day of vacation to take my dog to the vet.  It was just a wellness visit with a new vet - no big deal as they say...UNTIL...this little conversation:

VET: Has anyone ever spoken to you about his eyes?
ME: As in another vet?
VET: Yes.
ME: No.  I mean plenty of people have made comments on his eyes...
VET: Well he has what we refer to as macular something or other (ME -sorry I can't remember the name extactly, but suffice it to say it means his eyes bug out - see picture below).

So then the vet takes a look into his eyes and says everything looks good, but I might want to consider having his eyelids sewn down a bit to cover his eyes more (to give him more protection).  So basically, my dog needs plastic surgery.  Are you kidding me?  Then the vet pinches the corners of his eye to show me what it would look like.  Oh my God - it was a different dog!  Totally changed Jake's face.  He went from my cute little Bubba to freaking Kenny Rogers!  See below for frame of reference.

So we will be leaving Jake's poor little buggy eyes alone for the time being.  ThankYouVeryMuch.

In other band related news, does anyone else experience this: one day starving the next I can barely will myself to eat.  Like Friday, I met some girls for lunch and I ordered grilled chicken tenderloins off the kids menu with a side of dumplings - and I ate almost everything.  Saturday, I had a protein shake for breakfast, no lunch and I had to force myself to eat 1/4 of a chicken breast and a tablespoon of beans for dinner.  I don't know...I just find that rather strange.  But the good news is that since I've moved on to more foods the scale keeps moving in the right direction!  That's all that matters to me!

Also, I am thinking of ordering the Zumba fitness DVD's - anyone out there have these?  What do you think??


  1. My heavens!! Doggie plastic surgery?? He's sooo adorable the way he is!

    Sorry I can't help with the band questions, but if you get responses about a good Zumba DVD, I'd be most interested!!

  2. Yes, I am sometimes very hungry and able to eat lots and then unable to get a cup of coffee down. It is one of the band myseteries!

  3. Story of my life one day starving, the next day not. I guess it evens out though, lol!

  4. Hi Amanda, I'm a new follower. :) I don't have the Zumba DVDs, but I do have the Zumba for Wii. I didn't find that it got my heart rate up as much as a class (I usually go to Jazzercise), but it certainly was better then sitting on the couch like I usually do. I think Zumba is a lot of fun and it definitely gets you moving!